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In this digital age, the question of screen time for children has become a pressing concern. As a neurosurgeon, I have closely observed the evolving landscape of mobile device use and its implications for our children’s health. It is clear to me that we must strive for balance.  

As a result of our children spending social time on mobile phones and tablets, the time spent outdoors has significantly decreased, a stark contrast to the childhood experiences of their parents’ generation. This shift, largely driven by increased consumption of electronic media, has potential repercussions for their physical health. 

As a parent and medical professional, I advocate for the importance of parents playing an active role in managing their children’s engagement with mobile and electronic devices. Moderation is key. The decline in outdoor play not only compromises physical fitness but also impacts the development of social skills, creativity, and mental health. 

Creating a lifestyle where digital learning and physical activity coexist harmoniously is essential. I recommend establishing screen-free zones and times, encouraging activities that promote physical movement, and exploring the outdoors. This strategy not only leverages the educational benefits of technology but also ensures the preservation of our children’s physical health and social development. 

To sum up, my perspective on the use of mobile devices by children is one of caution and moderation. By cultivating an environment where digital interactions are balanced with active play, we can guide our children toward becoming well-rounded and healthy individuals.