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Article originally published by SpinalNews

PathKeeper Surgical has announced the first use of the PathKeeper 3D optical navigation system during a spinal fusion surgery at Southcoast Health’s St Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford, USA. According to a company press release, the PathKeeper system was utilised to create a comprehensive surgical plan and accurately navigate the single-level, lumbar degenerative spinal fusion procedure.

“The PathKeeper system addresses many of the intricacies of spine surgery, and adjusts to individual patient needs with a high level of accuracy and no radiation during a crucial part of the surgical procedure,” said Matthew Philips (Southcoast Health Neurosurgery, Dartmouth, USA). “We have already experienced the clinical benefits of incorporating the PathKeeper system into our spinal fusion surgeries at St Luke’s Hospital.”

The PathKeeper system was designed to replace traditional navigation technology with a 3D optical navigation system that offers comprehensive surgical planning; active, independent, submillimetre registration and tracking of the patient anatomy and surgical instruments; pinpoint accuracy of device implantation; more efficient surgical workflow; elimination of radiation exposure during the surgical procedure; and a more economical price so both the hospital and ambulatory-surgical centre operating rooms can incorporate this new technology.

“We are thrilled at the adoption of the PathKeeper system at Southcoast Health, which continues our expansion of the PathKeeper system to hospitals and surgery centres across the USA,” said Ryan LeBlanc, chief commercial officer at PathKeeper. “The PathKeeper system is a gamechanger in driving improved clinical outcomes and economic value to patients and healthcare providers.”

In the release, PathKeeper also highlights the fact that it received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for the PathKeeper system earlier this year.